Valentines Day Nail Art 2015

So on Saturday, couples worldwide will be celebrating Valentines day again, and I decided on this pretty design for the occasion: I started off with my clear base coat and then used Tip Top NailChic – Cream Puff on my thumb, ring finger & pinky; Tip Top NailChic – Black Forrest on my index finger … Continue reading Valentines Day Nail Art 2015


Nail Art 101 – Two-tone Mani

The two-tone mani is very similar to the classic French Mani which we started off with a couple of weeks ago.. But instead of having a clear/nude nailbed with a white, black or coloured tip – you would use 2 colours – one colour on your nailbed and one colour on your tips. Your 2 colours can … Continue reading Nail Art 101 – Two-tone Mani

Red, pink & Orange Striping Tape Nail Art

I know - I know... It's been a while since my last nail art creation... But I've been trying to diversify my posts a bit with more Product Reviews inbetween, as well as the Nail Art 101 series of articles that I started 😉 For my creation for this week, I did a beautiful Striping Tape … Continue reading Red, pink & Orange Striping Tape Nail Art