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Personal MakeUp Course

Thank you for choosing ProMakeupMe for your Personal MakeUp Course! I look forward to be part of your journey to empower yourself with the skills to do your own MakeUp in a way that will also boost your confidence and make you see and feel like the beautiful woman that God created you to be! xx

Apologies for all the ‘Uhmms’ in the video… really bad habit that I just can’t seem to shake… lol And as it is in my Mother Tongue (Afrikaans) I also apologise to my English speaking ladies who do not understand, but all the info can still be found below 😉

course overview:

Personal MakeUp Course  R700 (+-3hrs)

This course is done on a one-on-one basis, as I have found that this is the best way to give each person that comes to me my undivided attention, and for you to therefore get the most out of the session 🙂

During this time I will work through the course theory, while also practically demonstrating the theory on your own face, as well as allowing you to try out some of the techniques yourself (eg. I’ll do something on your one eye and then let you try to do the same on your other eye.)

We’ll cover all the basics:

-Tools (brushes, sponges, etc)
-Skin prep (skincare, primers, etc)
-Foundation (including concealer, powder, etc.)
-Eye makeup
-Cheeks (including blusher, and some basic contouring, highlighting)

And then I will also send the theory part of the course to you via email, to keep and reference in the future.

What to bring with you on the day:

– All the MakeUp that you currently have, so that I can advise on it (eg. if the colours suit you), show you how to best use it, as well as suggest additional products that you could add to your current collection.
– And the same goes for all the MakeUp Tools that you currently have (brushes, sponges, etc.)

I will also have my own profession kit out, so that I can show you examples of products that I love to use, and I may also use products from my kit on you during the practical part of our session as necessary.



I put together (or rather revamped) this course following two things that happened.

One – was that I realised more and more, that my passion really lies in working with (and on) real every day woman (not models, celebrities, etc. – without meaning to offend). Too often I find that these woman do not realise how beautiful they are (or forgot somewhere along the line), either because of the demands of life (work, families, children) OR because of the often warped ‘ideal’ portrayed in the media, of what ‘beautiful’ is. So I get child-like excited when I get the opportunity to show (or remind) them how beautiful they are! And how they can enhance that beauty with just the basics of MakeUp. So that they can once again look & therefore feel great & be empowered by  a confidence boost!

Don’t get me wrong, I am not suggesting that women need to wear MakeUp to look beautiful. In fact, I am a firm believer of less is more. But with all the ‘tools’ that we have available to us in this day and age, why would we not use them to help us bring out our  natural beauty! Bobbi Brown describes it well when she says : “I believe that all women are pretty without makeup- but with the right makeup they can be pretty powerful.”

Two – over the last year or two, so many of the ladies that I did MakeUp on asked me if I don’t offer these kind of lessons where I could show them, or their daughters how to do their own MakeUp. So I really found that there was a need for a course like this, and I could feel myself drawn to this calling ❤


This course is for women of any and every age out there (ok yes, not really if you are still young enough to not wear MakeUp. But I don’t even know at what age the youngsters start wearing MakeUp these days??.. so the moms out there will have to guide me on that). Whether you wear a lot of MakeUp and just need some guidance on some of your techniques or products. Or whether you normally don’t wear or even own a drop of MakeUp. Just send me your honest request (don’t be shy), and I can always try to Make some adjustments to the course accordingly.

And to add to the who (as in who am I? / who will be presenting this course?) I have been working as a MakeUp Artist since the end of 2001 – mostly part-time during those years – but now full time for the last couple of years since 2015. I have worked all across the spectrum of MakeUp Artist jobs, from Film, Fashion, Commercials, Photo Shoots, Weddings to Lifestyle Shoots and Special Events. Where I found my passion working on everyday women (as I mentioned earlier). So I now mostly do MakeUp for Lifestyle Shoots (eg. boudoir, engagement, weddings, maternity, newborn, family, Matric Dances, special occasion MakeUp like Birthdays, Year End Functions, etc.). I am originally Afrikaans (so please let me know if you are as well), but I also speak English deliciously… lol 😉


The best time to book your course for would be during a week day if possible, as I do not always have availability over weekends, because of Weddings and Shoots that may have been booked months in advance. But I do still have the occasional spot open on a weekend here & there.

Because natural light is essential to this course, it can also not be done in the evening. So during Winter time the ‘latest time’ to start a session would be 2:30pm (so it will run till 5:30pm). And during the summer that could be extended to starting at 4pm (till 7pm) – depending on the time of sunset for that day. The same would of course go for starting times in the morning – only after sun-up – so that we have sufficient natural light.


The course session will be done at my house in Bloubergrandt. Or if you would like me to rather do the session at your own house, this can also be arranged, but a travel fee of R3-50/km will then apply.

How (much)?

As mentioned, the course fee is R700 per person for your 3hr session. OR you can make use of the SISTER-LOVE deal, whereby if you get another woman (eg. your friend, sister, mom, daughter, etc.) to book their session as well, you each only pay R550 for the course. The 2 sessions will still be held separately (one-on-one), and doesn’t need to be on the same day as each other, but they need to be booked your booking fee paid together (in advance).



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