Colourful Converse Sneakers Nail Art

Colourful Converse Sneaker Nail Art

This week’s Nail Art creation is another one that I have been wanting to try for a long long time after seeing it online somewhere ages ago.. colourful “Converse” style sneakers 😀


I started with my clear base coat, and then painted each nail a different colour:

Index Finger: 174 from M.O.D Nail Lacquer

Middle Finger: R[EVOL]UTION Nail Enamel – Bentley

Ring Finger : 196 from M.O.D Nail Lacquer

Pinky Finger : Zoya Professional Lacquer – Diana


Next I used 102 from M.O.D Nail Lacquer (white) to paint the white rounded tip and the shoestrings.


And lastly I used Tip Top NailChic – Black Forest for the shoestring holes & the black line detail on the tip.


These were so cute and colourful! Definitely a design that catches the eye 😉

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