Hello Kitty Nail Art step four

Hello Kitty Nail Art

I have always had a great affinity towards all things Hello Kitty.. and yes, I know its not for everyone… but to each his own ๐Ÿ˜‰ And this week I’m sharing my first Hello Kitty Nail Art.


I started off with my clear base coat, and then I mixed together Tip Top Nailchicย โ€“ย Sherbet Angel and Tip Topย NailChic – Cream Puff for a lighter ‘baby’ pink to paint all my nails except myย middle finger, where I used only Tip Top NailChic – Sherbet Angel.


I then used Tip Top NailChic – Sherbet Angel to paint the tips of my thumb, index finger & pinky and Tip Top NailChic – Cream Puff to start the “face’ of my Hello Kitty on my ring finger.


As my next step, I used my essence dotting tool and Tip Top NailChic – Cream Puff to do polka dots on the pink tips, as well as my full middle finger. And also painted a thin line on the border of the tips on my thumb, index finger & pinky.


And then it was time to finish my little Hello Kitty face with some eyes, lashes, a little pink nose and a pretty pink polka dot bow. Using Tip Top NailChic – Black Forest and again Tip Top Nailchic โ€“ Sherbet Angel and Tip Top NailChic – Cream Puff


Another pretty pink and maybe slightly “girly” mani that I loved wearing! Let me know what you think, or show me your Hellow Kitty creations.. I would love to see them!

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