Winter White Party Nail Art

Winter White Nail Art

This past weekend, we had a Winter White (dress code: wearing all white) party at my second home Que Pasa Latin Lounge.

So naturally I had to do my nails accordingly 😉


I started with my clear basecoat and 2 coats of Cream Puff by Tip Top on all my nails.


I then used silver striping tape from Sassy Stripes (my first proper striping tape.. woohooo) to ‘border’ the tips of my nails.


And finally, I painted my tips (below the striping tape line) with essence nail art special effect! topper – 11 disco disco. Except my ringfingers, where I painted the part of my nail above the line, instead of the tip.


After using my normal Yardley –  GEL LAC Overcoat as my top coat, I actually also did a layer of Nailene SensatioNail Gel Top Coat , not consciously thinking about the extra protection it will give, but I was super glad that I did.. because I was helping my BF to pack and move on Sunday.. and I would’ve have had NO nails left, if it wasn’t for that extra little layer..


I was a bit pressed for time this week, which made this look perfect as well, because it was very simple to do, but still looked very elegant I think! And I think this kind of mani would work well for a bride as well 🙂

Keep an eye out for my post early next week on the White Makeup creation that I did for the party!!

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6 thoughts on “Winter White Nail Art

  1. valens87 says:

    If the manicure was so chic and shiny, I can’t wait to know how the make-up look was!!!
    I’m so curious!!!
    I’ve never had a winter white party but sound awesome ahahah
    Have a nice day


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