Honey Bee Nail Art

Yellow Black and Gold Honey Bee Nail Art

I am not a big fan of winter and all things cold, and we’ve had some particularly cold winters days here in South Africa so far this year.. 😦

So for this weeks theme, I wanted to choose something bright and cheery and summery to cheer myself up.

And that’s how my Honey Bee Nails were conceived… 😉


I started of with my clear base coat, and then 3 coats of Bright Yellow from Top Shine (the polish is very sheer) on my thumb, index finger & pinky.

And mixed the yellow & a gold by Yu Xuan Nail Polish for my middle & ring fingers.


I then used striping tape to paint ‘bee stripes’ on my thumb, index finger & pinky, using Ralo Cosmetics no 54 (black).


Then the fun parts started.. 😉 I used some clear-ish glequins (which I bought at the same time as my blue ones from last week) so that the gold underneath it could shine through, and stuck them onto my middle finger nail in a honeycomb pattern.

I then used a black nail art pen to define the outlines of the glequins, to make the honeycomb effect more visible.


Finally it was time for some free hand painting.. I mixed a drop of Rimmel London – Lycra Nail Tip Whitener with my yellow polish to paint the body and head of my little bee on my ringfinger.

I then striped my bee with my black nail art pen, and gave it an eye & some feelers.

Lastly, I halved one of the glequins, and used them as wings for my little bee.

And of course, sealed it all with 2 coats of Yardley –  GEL LAC Overcoat.


A bright enough look to cheer up anyone’s day!! 😀

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10 thoughts on “Yellow Black and Gold Honey Bee Nail Art

  1. ashleyfoxavon says:

    That bee is too cute. I really wish I have the patience for this kind of thing. I barely have the patience to let one coat dry.


      • ashleyfoxavon says:

        I don’t have the patience to wait for my nails to dry. Every single time I paint my nails I get in a hurry and mess at least one up by bumping in something and smudging it everywhere.


      • Mariaan Enslin says:

        Oh noooo! … lol … I try and do mine in the evenings at a time that I know I’ll be able to sit still for atleast an hour, watching a movie, or one of my favourite series 😉


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