mermaid glitter eye MakeUp

Mermaid Aquamarine Nail Art Glitter Makeup

Its been a long time (way toooo long)  since I have had a chance to show you a fun makeup look that I did on myself.

This time it was not for a themed Salsa Party, but it was inspired by this awesome blue nail art sequins that I picked up for next to nothing at a local ‘chinese shop’.


(I apologise for the blurriness of the photo)

It made me think of ‘mermaid scales’ so my immediate thought following that was to do a Mermaid themed Nail Art look, & also a makeup look!


I started with doing a sea geen and teal coloured smokey eye.

I then dabbed on dots of my eyelash glue (see-through), used my Nail Art dotting tool (dipped in water) to pick up the glitter, and placed them on the glue dots on my skin.

I finished up the look with some finer blue glitter, false lashes and my  black liquid liner.

Here are some of the products that I used:


I thought it looked really awesome! (Better than what I was able to capture on these photos.. lol) And I wish I had a party to wear it to..  I was really sad to take it off  😦


I have also done a Mermaid Nail Art look to match… But you lovelies will have to wait until my weekly Thursday Nail Art post to see how awesome this turned out! 😉

So check in again on Thursday, or follow/subscribe to my blog via wordpress, via email or via bloglovin xx


10 thoughts on “Mermaid Aquamarine Nail Art Glitter Makeup

    • Mariaan Enslin says:

      Thank you Sophia!! 😉 The brand name of the lashes were ‘Opoola Fashion Eyelashes’. But I picked them up at a small little local chinese shop, so probably imported from somewhere in the East, and I’m not sure where one would find them again.. lol


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