Pink White Polka Dots Nail Art

Pink & White Polka Dots Nail Art

In the midst of a fantabulous Cape Town summer, I felt playful & decided on this fun pink & white polka dots Nail Art look for this week:


I started off with a clear base coat & 2 layers of colour. I chose a cerise pink as my main colour, and did my ringfinger nails (accent nails) in white;


I then used my nail art tool to do white dots on the pink nails & double layered dots (first pink & then white) on the white nails:


On my toes, I kept things simple, with a cerise pink & white french pedi:


These were the polishes that I used:


Sally Hansen‘s Double Duty Top & Base coat (clear)

essence nail art sealing top coat

a cerise pink β€˜no name brand’ nail polish

Rimmel London – Lycra Nail Tip Whitener

ball tipped nail art tool from essence


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