Butterfly Wings Nail Art - Animal Print

Polish Up Nail Art Challenge – Theme #7 – Animal print : Butterfly wings

Week 7 and then we’re down to the last 3 themes of this Nail Challenge by Beautybulletin.com

Theme no. 7 was Animal Print – and instead of the traditional ‘leopard print or zebra stripes’ that one thinks of when you hear animal print – I decided to be adventurous and go with beautiful butterfly wings nail art design…

I have always.. and still.. love all things butterfly ❤ ❤ ❤  

I even sometimes thought of myself as a butterfly.. going through my teens and early twenties as an awkward caterpillar & only emerging from my cocoon in my late twenties, to become the fabulous butterfly I was always meant to be… 😉

So needless to say, I really really loved doing and wearing this look!

I started with black on the entire nail, then created the ovals in the design with the lighter orange polish (soft pearl) as a ‘base’ on top of the black. 

I then continued with doing the little white dots on the tips of the nails. When the lighter orange ovals were completely dry, I painted 2 coats of the darker orange (sizzling flame) over them, leaving it to dry completely inbetween coats.

These were the polishes that I used:

1.)  Ralo Cosmetics‘ no 54 (black)

2.)  Pearl White by Top Shine

3.)  Soft Pearl (light orange) & Sizzling Flame (dark orange) by Top Shine

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