Red lips black lace nail art

Polish Up Nail Art Challenge – Theme #1 – Red Lace is a website that offers women a platform upon which they can discuss all things beauty-related, where they can interact and express their opinions about beauty topics within a safe community of fellow beauty-lovers; where they can ask questions, write reviews and have discussions in the community chat.

They have now recently started doing Monthly Challenges, with fabulous prizes & last month;

I decided to take on their Nail Challenge. For this challenge there were 10 pre-determined themes and I will be sharing my interpretation (and creations) of them with you over the next couple of weeks 🙂

Theme no. 1 was: Red

For this look, I did 2 coats of bright red nail polish, and while the 2nd coat was still wet, I carefully ‘stuck on’ a piece of black lace, which I had previously cut to roughly the size of each nail.

Once the lace was securely in place on my nail, I used a small pair of sharp pointed scissors to ‘trim’ the lace to the exact size of each nail, and then applied a generous amount of clear top coat, to further secure the lace to my nails. This also ‘hardened the lace, making the look more durable.

Here are the products I used to create this look:

1.)   Sally Hansen‘s Double Duty Top & Base coat (clear)

2.)   No 67 (red glittery) nail polish from Ralo Cosmetics

3.)   Black lace bought at my favourite haberdashery shop

And for my lips:

4.)   Currant Souffle lipstick from Avroy Slain

5.)   Stay Glossy lipgloss by Rimmel London in Treasure Hunt

Be sure to keep an eye out for Theme #2 next week or simply click on the Follow/Like button in the widget section on the right of this page, to receive notifications of new posts by email.


2 thoughts on “Polish Up Nail Art Challenge – Theme #1 – Red Lace

  1. Liesie says:

    nstead of using top coat u cud actually use Gelish or Polish Pro’s Top coat (gel based polish). It will actually giv a more/better/longer shine to the nails. Remember Gel polish works almost the same as Gel, tht means after aplying ur Gel top coat the nails needs to b cured in a Nail lamp for 2min. Don’t stress its harmless to ur nails (its not as Acrylic/gel) as long as u don’t go and file it off. Its a 2min soak off. Thr is 2 ways, either acetone in a small bowl placed in boiling hot water OR soak cottonwool in acetone and wrap each finger wth foil. Dnt remove for. 2min and use a cuticle pusher to peel off. Gel polish is gr8 coz it dries instantly and no mess or smadshed!


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